Calibre Control

The Brief.

Calibre approached Fotofire principally looking to modernise their brand, feeling that they had long outgrown their old company logo.

However, while they did want to create a new look and feel for the brand, Calibre was still determined to retain some of their company’s current and historical identity, and requested that we maintain the brand’s colour scheme and ‘three-stripe’ feature in their logo.

A Bespoke Brand.

In keeping with this brief, we started coming up with various designs for the new company logo, using a wide range of different typefaces and layouts. However, we soon realised that a lot of the fonts we tested didn’t seamlessly suit Calibre’s colour palette and the modern yet professional brand image they wanted to project.

So, we created a completely custom font for Calibre Control’s brand new logo. The new font was much softer and more contemporary than the old logo, and perfectly complemented the company image Calibre was looking to project. The finalised logo design has since been incorporated across Calibre’s website and online marketing materials, achieving an all-important level of consistency for immediate brand recognition.

A Web Facelift.

Previously, Calibre’s website had very basic functionality and didn’t quite provide site visitors with an inviting, simple way to browse through the company’s product range, or find out more about the company itself.

We gave the entire website a complete facelift, reorganising all of its content to inspire interaction from visitors using all-new navigation and an innovative filter system.

This system, which was custom-built by Fotofire, allows users to conduct an intuitive search for the ideal food analyser for their need, in terms of what product they are testing (for example, grain) and what they want to test this product for (for example, its moisture content). This means that users no longer have to spend time searching manually through each analyser on Calibre’s website to find what they’re looking for; simplifying the entire online experience.


A brand new website and company logo needs high-quality photography to match, so Calibre asked us to renovate the photography used on their website to maintain the modern, new look we had created for the brand.

We used a combination of different types of shots to encapsulate all aspects of Calibre’s business - from office shots of staff hard at work, to high-quality snaps of innovative analysers and machinery, to close-up images of the food products tested by Calibre’s equipment.