Benders Paper Cups

The Brief.

With changing business practices, a more people-focused approach to sales and new business goals to accompany rapid growth, Benders needed to replace the outdated and very technical website they’d had for the previous ten years.

They wanted to simplify the information on the website, which had been translated verbatim from huge coffee-table books full of product specifications, and give their customers only the information they need in order to make a decision on whether to contact them.

The Site.

Benders wanted their friendly personality to shine through the whole website, giving visitors the same online experience as they get in real life. Focus on the history of the company and Benders’ environmental and social responsibility efforts was also a priority.

To meet all Benders’ requirements we developed a feature-rich responsive website, with easy-access content forms and simplified product information, making sure potential customers now have all the information they need to get in touch.


The imagery used across the entire Benders website required an update, in-keeping with the website’s new customer-centric approach.

In order to successfully recreate the real-life experience of using Benders’ paper cups in an online format, we used a combination of lifestyle shots of Benders’ paper cups in use in different locations to facilitate the company’s On-the-Go and At The Workplace marketing channels.

We also took some shots of the team members at Benders to include on the new Team page, to give customers the opportunity to put names to faces and really get to know the people who drive the success of the business.


Benders wanted to take the journey of every paper cup to the big screen, we helped them do exactly that!

Our brief was to show the process 'from tree to cup' with everything in-between from design, to production to the consumers hand.

We Even Found Time for Some Fun.

When Fotofire were given the chance to nominate for the Ice Bucket Challenge, we looked no further than our friend from Benders - Adrian Pratt. He even came down to the Fotofire HQ for us to dish out the soaking!


``The delivery of Benders Paper Cups website development brief by FotoFire was first class. On time and within the budget are taken as a given, the new website has provided striking imagery and an interpretation of the character and personality of our business and the Team behind it to build a point of difference in our marketplace. It has delivered a ‘living’ part of our business, FotoFire have challenged us through this process, and the on-going Evolve programme will keep the website fresh and keep FotoFire as part of the Benders Paper Cups Team.``

Adrian Pratt - Marketing Manager