Unlocking Keywords

SEO is all about starting on the right foot with the right foundation. That foundation is held by keywords.

It is vital that you get your keywords right. Otherwise your SEO campaign is a big, epic fail. The right marketing campaign needs to target the right market. If you already know the right market, you need to know how that market thinks. Get inside your market’s head and adopt your customer’s mindset.

When choosing the right keywords, you have to make sure that:

  • The product/service/idea that you’re trying to sell to other people is enveloped in those keywords
  • People are really searching for those keywords
  • The competition for those keywords isn’t too steep
  • You can rank first page for those keywords

Whenever I target a keyword for one of Fotofire’s clients, I always ask them about their core competency. “What sets you apart from all your other competitors?”

This is a vital question to ask because it is what makes the company unique. It is also what would make your keywords a bit more unique so that it will be more focused on your target market.

Some tools that can help you study a keyword’s searchability in a certain period of time are Google Adwords, Wordtracker, and Keyword Tool.

Tip of the Day: Make sure that you’re building on the right keywords. Otherwise you’re just wasting time. Keywords are particularly important if you're running a Google Adwords campaign. Here, your ads will show up in searches inclusive of a given search query, or keyword.

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