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Want a new way of creating great content and engaging with your audience? ‘Vlogging’ is a new style of blog that is sweeping across the Internet. It means ‘video blog’.

Anybody can vlog as long as they have a webcam, an Internet connection and something of value to say to their audience- and some people have made it into a full time career.

You may be thinking how these people actually make any money from ranting in front of a webcam all day. It’s all down to relationships. The key to a vlogger’s success is the trust they build up with their audience. In marketing this is more commonly known as ‘engagement’. The masses of vlog subscribers make the authors extremely valuable to advertisers who want to sell products.

"I mentioned a brush set and online it had sold out by mid day", said Anna Gardner of the ‘Vivianna Does Make Up’ blog.

"If a blogger endorses a product it gives it more weight than if it was just featured on the page of a magazine", says Jessica Walker, a digital marketing specialist.

Most bloggers are pretty honest about letting you know which products they’re being paid to mention, but sometimes it can be unclear as to which products on a vlog are being sponsored by a large PR company. It is obvious that you wouldn’t want your blog looking like some kind of product catalogue!

In response the Advertising Standards Authority have released a warning telling vloggers they must make it clear when they are being paid to promote something.

Lily Pebbles, who runs another popular make-up and beauty blog says it's important vloggers don't go after the money: "I don't think we should be ashamed how much money we're earning. Its important people know the money doesn't affect how we write our websites".

Another way vlogger’s are earning money is by placing product adverts at the start of their YouTube videos.

According to Sara Mormino, a director at YouTube, this type of earning has gone up 60% in the last year - mainly thanks to mobile devices and an increase in Internet usage.

"If you have a very strong passion for a particular area, be it beauty, fashion, tech or gaming, I'd give it a shot," Mormino says.

Be warned, while researching video blogs I came across some real rubbish. And a lot of it. Before you start looking for a webcam to buy, check out these ‘most popular vlogs’. Could you do better?

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