This Week's Top Stories: Fotofire's WWW

Friday again! Its almost time for the weekend, so here is a quick round-up of the week's top digital stories...

Twitter hacking gives Burger King a popularity boost

Burger King found themselves falling victim to hackers this week. The fast food giant lost control of their Twitter account on the 18th February, which was then rebranded as McDonald's.

An hour after the hackers gained access to the account and posted a series of McDonald's related tweets (as well as shoutouts to rappers and some strange images), Twitter suspended the account. Its still unclear who hacked into the account, and for what reasons, but a few positives have come out of it for Burger King.

When Burger King returned to Twitter on February 19th, they found themselves with more than 30,000 new followers. Before the attack, their account had just over 80,000 followers; however this has now leapt to 112,481, meaning that the burger chain now has the opportunity to engage with a much larger audience. The attack gave Burger King a good deal of free publicity, which they can now take advantage of after the increase in followers.

4G auction raises £2.3bn

Ofcom has raised £2.3 billion from its auction of the 4G airwaves, which was a third less than the £3.5 billion that the auction was expected to raise.

The winners of the 4G airwaves are Everything Everywhere, Hutchinson 3G UK, Niche Spectrum Ventures (a BT subsidiary), O2, and Vodafone. Vodafone was the top bidder, paying £791m for five chunks of spectrum.

4G mobile broadband will provide the UK's smartphone and tablet users with much faster internet and download speeds.

Despite the disappointment over the amount raised from the auction, Ofcom has said that 4G will provide £20 billion worth of benefits for UK consumers over the next ten years.

Spotify looking to increase streaming to mobile devices

Spotify are in talks with major music companies in a bid to increase the amount of free music it offers to smartphone users.

If they're successful, it will give them a major advantage over rivals such as Napster, Rdio and Deezer. Currently, only Spotify subscribers who pay £9.99 per month can stream tracks on their mobiles or tablet devices after a 30-day free trial.

With music chain HMV recently going into administration, the rise of digital music has been under the spotlight. Spotify's bid to boost the amount of free music they offer to their customers is likely to increase the popularity of on the go music streaming even further.

Apple fanatic's latest 'social media experiment'

Apple's fans are some of the most devoted in the world, but Rob Shoesmith is taking brand loyalty to another level. Rob is planning a pilgrimage taking in the UK's 35 Apple stores. He says he will be relying on social media to keep him going and to entertain him on his quest.

In a previous 'social media experiment', Rob camped outside an Apple store for ten nights, awaiting the release of the new iPhone. He documented the experience via Twitter and blogging, relying on charity and food from strangers to keep him going.

What do you think of Rob's experiment?

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