The Bear and the Hare

Last week saw retailer John Lewis release it’s new Christmas advertisement. ‘The Bear and the Hare’ is the first ad from the retailer to use animation and features Lily Allen singing Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’.

Figures from YouGov show that 58 per cent of UK Twitter users have seen a mention of John Lewis since the ad’s launch. The figure is around 9 per cent for UK Facebook users, which is still very high. Also, the two-minute advert has almost five million YouTube views. By comparison, this years M&S Christmas advert was seen by 15 per cent of UK Twitter users.

This is not only the result of great marketing and PR, but of a consistently excellent approach to advertising. 'For the past few years John Lewis has succeeded in making each new Christmas ad one of the main events in the media and cultural calendar'.

John Lewis may have relinquished the product-based advertising that its competitors use, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t building up an industry around its ads. John Lewis is selling bear and hare cuddly toys, as well as the alarm clock that stars in the ad as the “perfect gift”.

Craig Inglis, John Lewis’s marketing director said, “Our ads aren’t about products, they’re about telling a story. But this year we are making a better effort to offer merchandise to support the ads,”

The single by Lily Allen is available for download, with John Lewis hoping to echo the success of previous tracks, which have hit the top spot in the UK charts.

Haven’t seen the John Lewis advert yet? Watch ‘The Bear and the Hare’ here. And see a ‘making of’ video here!


What happens when you discover your Twitter name is more popularly associated with a corporation? This is what happened to John Lewis of Blacksburg, Virginia. Luckily Mr. Lewis doesn’t mind all the accidental tweets he receives, and actively re-directs users to the official John Lewis Retail page. Nice one, John.

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