QR Codes

What should you do to boost website traffic, convert leads, and grow your social media following? Slap a QR Code on your printed materials, that’s what!

QR codes are a low cost method of engaging your audience- if you didn’t initially jump on the QR bandwagon when they first hit the scene, that’s ok! Read on to find out about the in’s and out’s of the latest scanable tech.

Although QR codes (quick response codes) are no longer brand new to the marketing scene, they have become more widely used, and the entry barrier is a lot lower than most people think. Also, there’s a multitude of creative uses for QR codes, each encouraging engagement between your brand and your customers.

What you want the end goal to be is the most important consideration to take into account when creating a QR code. Do you want the code to link to your website? Will your customers automatically start following you on Twitter when they scan the code? Does scanning your QR code enter a user into a competition? Keep in mind your end goal when creating QR codes, and just like other calls-to-action, make it valuable to the user.

The fun part of creating a QR code is customising the design on the code to match your brand. If you want your code to look like your logo, that’s doable. Want your code to reflect your website’s design? No problem.

There are many generators out there for creating QR codes, but the key is finding the right one for your needs. The best generators allow you to track and analyse your QR code’s performance, they allow you to design unique, customisable codes, and allow for multiplatform compatibility. Here are two good examples for you to check out; Kaywa, and GOQR.me.

People have higher expectations from scanning a QR code than they do from simply clicking on a website. Because of this you should offer something special and unique to people who have taken the time to scan your code with their smartphone.

Key Tip: Remember that many people won’t know what a QR code is. Up until their use is more mainstream you might want to think about providing some brief instructions about how to use a QR code.

So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming some creative ways to use QR codes to drive traffic to your website, convert leads into sales, and engage new audiences!

For more information about QR codes, click here.


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