Pin Down Your Pinterest Audience

Pinterest is a great way to magnify the personality behind your brand — it makes your business look approachable and up-to-date with current trends.

Before you start the first rule of any social media platform is to consider your audience. In the same way that you wouldn’t run an advert for engine oil on a children’s cartoon channel, you should choose information that users will find personally relevant and interesting. Did you know: Around 80% of the 70 million active Pinterest users are women. That’s a huge number!

Social media is about participating in a dialogue, so make sure that you are taking part in the current goings-on in your industry. If you’re passionate about your message, show that to your audience- because that kind of mindset will attract other people.

In addition to adding a human element to your marketing message, Pinterest is a great way to educate and inform in byte-sized pieces (see what I did there?). Not only do many prefer the instantaneous shopping experience e-commerce allows, they also get a good feel for particular brands.

Pinterest facts:

It may be a man’s world, but don’t let that fool you when it comes to social media. Pinterest is a seriously important social media platform for your business and that means thinking with their largest user base in mind — women.  Out of the 70 million active users 80% of these are women, accounting for 92% of pins.

Different kinds of boards you should be pinning to:

How-to Boards- these are great for building a reputation as a knowledgeable and helpful company.

Behind-the-scenes Boards- Use these to showoff your company culture.

Inspirational Boards- all too often do I see company profiles covered in ‘things we like’ style boards. These can be useful to an extent, but if a customer is on your page it’s because they want to find out about how you do things, not where your inspiration comes from- they usually have their own inspirations, likes and dislikes. They’re only interested in whether both your interests match up- remember that you’re marketing, not collating pins for pleasure.

Customer Showcase Boards- What could be better than an easy to share testimonial? Make sure these grab attention and are informative if you want people to repin.

Product Feature Boards- Using Pinterest to promote your product is a great idea as long as your product fits in with the culture of the platform- keep it fashionable.


  • Share you pins at the peak times: every day between 2-4 PM and Saturday mornings.
  • Aim to pin about 25 images a day
  • Use 3 hashtags per pin for maximum findability
  • 80% of all pins are repins- but be sure to create unique pins too!
  • Keep your pins narrow and long, not short and wide- they’ll look better in the grid system Pinterest uses.
  • Use Pinterest Analytics to figure out which of your images are performing best
  • Use Google Analytics to see how much of your website traffic is coming from Pinterest







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