National superhero day


It’s National Superhero Day, and as proud hero geeks, we couldn’t resist celebrating it! It was the brain-child of Marvel employees back in 1995 who wanted to recognise real life superheroes, honouring those who bring hope, positivity and inspiration to the world.

The inner-child in us still believes in the heroes we loved growing up. When we were younger, we rooted for superheros like Superman, Supergirl and of course… Batman. They serve and protect while fighting evil.

Real life superheros may not wear masks or capes, but they do protect us from harm. Firefighters and police officers to mention a few serve and protect us all. You may also have a superhero of your own that is a little closer to home that’s always there as a helping hand, to listen and be there for you through ups and downs.

We all have a superpower in our own way. We are all good at something and we shouldn’t let anyone else let us believe any different. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all used what we’re best at for the greater good.

Here’s the ultimate superhero project we were lucky enough to witness come to life in front of our very eyes thanks to our local hero and friend Simon O’Rourke. Click the following link to see which cape crusader made an appearance.

We tasked our latest recruit Steve, with flexing his illustration muscles and turning the Fotofire team into superheroes. He took the team from pencil on paper, and brought them to life, digitally on screen.  The team have loved the results, he’s even managed to shave a few pounds and add a few muscles! What do you think? Can you tell who’s who? Have you got an illustration project that you’d like us to use our super-powers on?

Here at fotofire, we’re all creative and technical superheros. We serve and protect our clients daily. We are happy to help, if you’re in need. We don’t have a bat signal, but we can be contacted via email: [email protected] or we can be reached by phone: 01978 262819

Happy National Superhero Day.