Our process can inspire action, and drive growth.

Social media is a powerful tool that in recent years has become a key element of any marketing mix. Whether your target market is mainly B2B or B2C, there is a platform that can be utilised to speak directly to your audience.

The process

With 30% of millennials engaging with social media at least once a month, it is no longer simply creating a presence that will set you apart from your competitors, it is a well thought out, strategised campaign.

Our team will use data to understand where you need to position your brand online. From video content and animations to full infographics, we’ll create campaigns that are presented in a digestible format ideal for each platform to entice and engage with your target market. Firstly we will define objectives, what is it you wish to achieve? Brand awareness? Sales? Bookings? Vanity metrics such as likes and comments? Whatever the goal is, our team will work to define an audience and targeting criteria that will work for you.

What we do

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and whatever the next generation of social media brings, are all powerful platforms to build positive relationships. All aspects of your social media marketing can be managed, or support can be offered to compliment and enhance your current way of working.

  • Social media consultancy
  • Social media audits
  • Competitor & sector analysis
  • Campaign creation
  • Profile setup
  • Social media videos
  • Competitions
  • Social media advertisements

Dont just take our word for it…

We were struggling with a recruitment drive for an unusual position. Fotofire helped us define our target market and created visuals that stood out directly to them. We ended up with hundreds of applications!”

Looking for some proof in the pudding?

We don’t usually like to make a song and dance about something, but here’s a small collection of some of our work worth blowing our trumpet for.

Collaboration is Key

Give us the opportunity to work along side you to achieve the results you’re looking for.