Local Media: Be Heard

Using local media to build your business profile and attract nearby customers can be highly worthwhile. Getting your name into the local domain may boost sales, encourage customer loyalty, and help to strengthen your brand against competitors.

Publicising your business through local media is essential if you want local customers. From newspaper adverts to online listings, read on to discover how to go about getting featured.

One option is to pay for an advert in your local newspaper of radio station. The advantage of advertising is that you can choose you’re a suitable outlet and have control over what is said about your business. However, this can often prove a costly business, and there’s no guarantee of results.

Editorial coverage, such as being mentioned in a newspaper or magazine is not only free, but may be perceived as a more credible than a paid-for solution. This is more similar to an endorsement than a sales pitch.

There are many ways to generate editorial coverage; the most common seems to be sending a press release to a local news desk. Business related stories can work extremely well here. Try it out for yourself- announce a new product, send in a story about your company’s tenth anniversary, or a recent business ‘win’. Make sure you get a professional to write this for you, there’s nothing worse than sloppy grammar. Your story should be clear and concise and avoid using jargon. Including a picture alongside your story will greatly increase its effectiveness.

A great way to build connections with local media professionals is to invite them to launch events, or send them product samples. Some businesses have days set aside specifically for the press to come and learn about the things they do- a great way to establish links.

Don’t overlook radio. Radio is a great outlet for shouting about your latest offers. You could think about organising a radio competition for local listeners; an engaging project will encourage people to get involved.

Do’s & Don’ts

DO tailor your content depending on where you are sending it.

DO track the results of your adverts. Is your advert providing a good ROI?

DON’T send jargon-filled press releases to journalists. They prefer the hard facts.

DON’T expect to get coverage if you haven’t got anything valuable to offer.

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