Is your mind set on Red, Amber or Green when your marketing is concerned?

Today we celebrate the 101st anniversary of the electric traffic light, brought to my attention by today’s fabulous Google Doodle.

The traffic light was initially introduced to the world by the means of being operated manually with a gas-powered version. This gas version was proved dangerous when a gas leak from the device caused an explosion.

Some 30 years later traffic lights were revisited and were introduced in a form we are familiar with today, though evolving once again – the red and green lights were accompanied by an amber light to improve the movement of traffic once again.

We all know that Red = Stop, Amber = Get Ready and Green = GO!

Are you seeing red with all your company marketing material? From website to brochures, to social media?

Is your marketing on ‘Stop’ with no enthusiasm to gear up to the next stage?
A monthly marketing campaign can ensure your company is visible to not just potential new customers, but it also keeps you visible to existing customers and competitors and in turn installs confidence that your company is alive and kicking but also it’s current and fresh.

Have you been considering moving your marketing forward for a while and been sitting on the Amber fence?

You may have a strategy and know what you want / need to do, but haven’t found the right agency you can trust to work with?
Doing nothing at all is not going to get you anywhere fast as Pablo Picasso once said “Action is the foundational key to all success”

Or are you on green and know the potential of where you are headed but your current providers are not revving the engines enough to produce the results?

As we read earlier, just because the gas-powered traffic light did not come to fruition did not mean it was never going to work – it was in the devising and implementation of it that made all the difference. Don’t let your past experiences or enthusiasm see red!

Collaborating with the right agency that can see and understand your vision and goals for your business changes everything and it’d be great to meet you to see if we can help you achieve your marketing goals.
Give us a ring, or send us an email to [email protected] to arrange to come in for a coffee and a chat and who knows – Maybe you’ll give us the green light.

This could be the start of a fabulous relationship ????