Happy 13th Birthday Fotofire!

It’s Fotofire’s birthday!

The team would like to take this chance to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Fotofire ignite the world of web with functional, inspiring, creative websites and marketing models.

Over the years the response to our work has been immense, and if we were to have just one birthday wish, it would be that these innovative collaborations continue to thrive far into the future. With YOU beside us on the ride!

We’ve had some of the best presents this year, but our favourites come in the form of Fotofire team members! Jo, Kirsten, Aaron and Andy have all joined the team in 2013. We would also like to welcome Bella Jackson to the team- the cutest puppy in the world! See her on our twitter page.

The Internet, business, and the culture of the web, design, and marketing have drastically changed since the noughties. From our inception, advancements in technology have flourished and new avenues of marketing have constantly been opening up. We are committed to pursuing these shifting factors to give businesses the best possible foundation for their new website.

So… Where’s the cake?

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