Fotofire's Friday News Fix

It's that time again - the weekend is upon us, but before we get there we take a look at some of the stories that have caught our eye in the Fotofire office over the past week.

Apple One computer sells for world record price

A mystery telephone bidder based in the Far East has shelled out a world record £441,000 for one of only 6 surviving Apple 1 computers at an auction in Cologne, Germany.

Designed and handbuilt by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’ family garage, the Apple 1 came as a motherboard only and originally sold for $666.66.

The device was signed by Steve Wozniak and came with an original monitor, tape player, keyboard and documentation signed by Steve Jobs.

Only 200 Apple 1 computers were ever created; of these just 46 are thought to still exist, with just 6 in working order.

New Xbox One console revealed

Microsoft has unveiled its first offering to the games console market in eight years, with the announcement of the Xbox One.

Billed as an all-in-one home entertainment system, the Xbox One is said to be able to interact with television, respond to voice and gesture commands and enable Skype video calling.

The hope is that the Xbox One will draw customers back to the stationary gaming market and away from mobile gaming, which has grown dramatically over the past few years.

The Xbox 1, which will be able to flip between games, television, movies and other forms of entertainment, has a planned release for later this year. The cost of the console hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Yahoo! Buys Tumblr in reported $1.1bn deal

Internet giant Yahoo! have bought up popular micro-blogging site Tumblr in a deal thought to be worth $1.1bn (£723m).

Since Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo! chief last year the company has been assessing potential buyout deals to claw back some of the market share lost to Google and with 108 million blogs, Yahoo! believes Tumblr users could help them do just that.

Founded by web developer David Karp in 2007 as a place for users to upload videos, links and songs to their own mini-blogs, Tumblr now employs 175 staff members and plays host to 216 million monthly users. As part of the deal Karp will stay on with Yahoo! and still retain control of Tumblr for four years.

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