Fotofire's End-Of-Week News Fix

Almost at the end of another week...what has everyone got planned for the weekend?

Here is our roundup of the digital news stories that we've all been talking about this week...

Apple unveil new services at WWDC

All eyes were on Apple on Monday 10th June as they held their Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Critics have complained that Apple have recently lost their spark when it comes to innovation, so there was a lot of anticipation to see what Apple had come up with this time...

While it was announced prior to the event that a new iPhone was not going to be unveiled, Apple revealed some new services and functions. One of these was iRadio, Apple's challenge to Spotify and other music streaming services. The service will be free to iPhone and iPad users, and will be available in autumn, when Apple's new mobile software iOS 7 is released.

Dubbed the 'biggest change to iOS since the iPhone', iOS 7 uses subtle 3D effects and boasts new features such as wireless filesharing. Apple also unveiled their updated desktop operating system Mac Pro, which is one-eighth the volume of the current Mac Pro.

With over 300 million iTunes users worldwide, iRadio could devastate the competition if released across the globe. For the full rundown of Apple's WWDC, check out the Guardian's feed from the event here.

Facebook introducing clickable hashtags

The hashtag is one of the key features of social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook got in on the act.

Facebook users have been including hashtags in status updates and comments for a while, but now they will be fully clickable. Users will now be able to click on the hashtag and see a feed of comments and discussions relating to that topic.

Users will be able to search for hashtags directly from the search bar, click on hashtags on posts shared from other services, such as Instagram, and compose posts directly from the hashtag feed.

Hashtags are a great way to find out what people are saying about a particular topic, so they can be really useful for businesses who want to help their content reach a larger audience.

New Myspace out of beta

'The rope has dropped. The doors are open. The party has begun' declared an email from Myspace on Wednesday, announcing the revamped social media site's emergence from beta. You no longer require an invite to join Myspace – so what's new?

The new-look Myspace is a far cry from its predecessor. Whereas the old site was a bit of a mess with flashing boxes and animated GIFs taking over the profiles, the new look is streamlined and the site has been rebranded as a social music site.

The Myspace for iPhone app has also been given a bit of a makeover. One of the key features of the app is Social Radio, which promises 'your own personal radio station loaded with the music you love.' Of course, this is one of many personal radio stations for smartphones, but the twist here is that as well as creating music stations based on the user's tastes, Myspace have called in artists to curate their own radio stations for their fans, based on their own back catalogues and the music that has inspired them.

As well as Social Radio, Myspace couldn't resist a nod to their past – another feature of the iPhone app is a GIF creator. Inspired by the popularity of Twitter's Vine, the app allows users to create and share stop-motion videos with their friends.

Have you tried the new Myspace yet?

Twitter Launching Tweet Performance Analaytics

Not to be outdone by Facebook, Twitter are also rolling out a cool new feature – Tweet Performance Analytics!

The analytics is split into two parts – Timeline Activity and Followers. In Timeline Activity, you get a little summary telling you the overall numbers of mentions, follows and unfollows for the last month. You can also see the number of favourites, retweets and replies generated from each individual tweet, as well as annotations such as '7x Normal Reach'. This means that, due to the number of retweets your tweet had, your post reached 7 times the number of people it normally would have done.

The 'Followers' section charts your follower growth over time. Not only that, but it also shows you their interests, the distribution of their gender and location, and who they follow on the site.

It's not clear who will have access to the information yet, but more analytics can only be a good thing for marketers. More knowledge leads to more insight, which results in better marketing!

10 funny Vines' that are being shared this week

We've already blogged about the benefits of using Vine, but here are 10 funny examples of things you can do with the app.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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