Facebook Groups Vs. Pages

Many businesses try to give themselves an online presence. In the myriad of social media platforms it can sometimes be confusing as to which one will work best for your business. Facebook has taken the lead when it comes to business pages, however, many people struggle when it comes to choosing whether to opt for a Facebook ‘Page’ or ‘Group’.

A Facebook page and a Facebook group both have their benefits, but to know which is best for your business you should carry on reading!

A Facebook Page

Designed to act similarly to a personal profile, a Facebook page is designed as a place to create an authentic representation of what your business is all about. It’s similar to a basic page in structure and function, but the idea is that your page portrays your business entity, rather than a faceless person behind the page.

Connecting with a page allows a user to follow a brand closely. Pages can also be verified for authenticity. This can help brands develop deep levels of trust with Internet users.

Page Pros

  • Pages are easy to update and are the best option for brands posting regular material.
  • A brad page looks more like a personal page, so you can use this social context to leverage a deeper level of engagement with online users.
  • Pages have customisable URLs – this is great for promoting your page directly to fans.
  • Pages have a lot of options for posting photos, events, and links.
  • Pages allow for more in-depth personalisation.

Page Cons

  • Pages struggle to grow organically and usually require some good marketing and spending to give them a boost.
  • On-page conversations can be difficult to manage.
  • Pages require heavy monitoring as all information is more out in the open.

Facebook Group

Pages act as profiles for entities, while groups act more like place for like-minded communication. People who share common interests and want to express their views in a public forum will either join or become part of a group. Charities, organisations, people with common goals, etc, all find groups extremely useful.

Group Pros

  • In groups you can easily communicate with all members via chat, email, wall posts, messages etc.
  • A business is allowed to promote an event through Groups, whereas pages do not have this option.
  • Groups tend to display a higher degree of personality since they’re often created to be personal presences rather than brand presences.
  • Making common connections is much easier in a group, especially when searching for business contacts.

Group Cons

  • Unlike pages, groups do not allow any integration with third party apps.
  • Facebook Insights is not available for groups, so it is more difficult to keep track of you presence.
  • The lack of a vanity URL makes it difficult to promote your group directly to users.
  • In a group you will be posting messages to a much narrower audience.
  • Groups can be difficult to find.

Deciding on a group or a page will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Define what this is, and your choice will become much clearer.

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