Facebook Competitions: Follow-up Thoughts

So you’ve decided to create a Facebook competition? Read this blog to get up to speed with the latest competition guidelines. Then come back and check out these key competition considerations!

The Prize

The prize you are offering your social media competition winners is key. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the more exclusive your prize is, the more competition entrants you’re likely to have boosting your viral exposure.

It is worth considering who your audience is before deciding on a prize. A cash prize, for example, is generally attractive to most people. With this kind of prize you are more likely to see a broader demographic of competition entrants. If your business appeals to a niche market try to pick a prize that specifically appeals to these people. This will reduce the amount of irrelevant people entering your competition.

The more relevant your prize, the more successful your competition will be.

The Look

You want the creative aspects of your competition to look professional.

As well as an aesthetically pleasing design you should include a call to action to like the page, your company’s branding, and a brief description of the prize and how to enter. You should also include when your competition closes to create the sense of urgency.

T & C’s

Make sure you have the terms and conditions available for people to read through. You can find templates for this on the web or by simply looking at other competitions. There are some key terms Facebook requires you to include, and don’t forget to tell people who you are, what the prize is, what the entry mechanism is, how the data will be used, and how the competition will be judged.

Promoting the Competition

Simply creating a competition will not get people to enter; you need to tell people about it. The more channels you use, the more entrants you will get. Keep in mind opportunities for extra online exposure, you can include elements in your competition that encourage entrants to share their entries or the competition itself, so make sure this functionality is included and try to provide an incentive for people to do so (e.g. Additional entries).

Competition Entry

Do people need to upload a photo, add a caption to a photo, tell you something, or simply provide their email? Do they have to like your page to enter the competition? Think carefully about what you want to make people do to enter your competition.

Note: you are not allowed to require people to like or share a post or photo to be entered into a competition.

The simpler your entry mechanic, the more people you will have entering.

Handling Data

Have a good think about what data you want to collect from your entrants, and how you will use it. For example, will a competition entry equate to a subscription to your newsletter?

You definitely need to get contact information, like an email address, as you are not allowed to contact winners via Facebook. Be aware the more information you ask for, the fewer people you will likely have enter.

The simpler your entry form, the more entrants you’ll attract.

The Follow-up

Once the competition has been run, you need to have a strategy for judging the winner.

Something else to think about is how you want to engage with your Facebook community now that it has (hopefully) grown. Don’t attract a heap of new followers to just do nothing – use the opportunity to promote your business, provide customer service and increase engagement on your site.

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