Facebook Competitions: Cans & Can'ts

One great way to raise your company’s profile and to increase customer engagement online is to conduct a competition on a social media platform.

Many brands have taken to Facebook to promote their products because it’s a fast, easy, and cheap way to get noticed and get potential customers involved with your brand.

Why use Facebook

  • Fast and easy
  • Cheap – there’s no requirement to employ a third-party app
  • Easy for users to enter – this has the added benefit of greater viral exposure for your competition as information will show up in a users timeline when they like/comment on your page.

Facebook has recently changed their rules, regulations and guidelines surrounding competitions. The biggest and most important change is that you can now conduct competitions and promotions from your Timeline. Previously, users were only able to run competitions through applications. To see Facebook’s guidelines in more detail click here.

What you can do

  • Run competitions on your Timeline through posts and/or an application.
  • Allow people to enter your competition by commenting or liking your post.
  • Allow people to enter your competition by sending a direct message to your page.
  • Allow people to enter your competition by posting a message on your wall.
  • Use ‘Likes’ as a voting system – ie. People can vote for their favourite entry simply by liking it.

What you still cannot do

  • Start up a competition or promotion on a personal timeline.
  • Ask people to tag themselves in content that they are not depicted in.
  • Ask people to post content to their personal timeline.

Why use an app to run an online competition

  • Allows for a more personalized and uniquely designed experience
  • More flexible in terms of content you can provide (pictures, videos etc)
  • More entrant data e.g. email addresses
  • ‘Likes’ can be used to enter a user in a competition
  • Easier to collate entries and entrants
  • Can be used across platforms other than Facebook e.g.Twitter, Google+

Offerpop, Wildfire (by Google), and Shortstack are the most popular social media contest apps. Take a look at their features and see if they’re right for you.

Check out tomorrow’s follow-up blog for more insights to help you generate higher levels of customer engagement through social media competitions.

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