Expert Social Media Predictions 2014

It's the beginning of a new year and chances are you're resolving to do several (thousand?) things. But before you start planning out your social media plans for 2014, I've scoured the web to give you a head start. Read on to find out how to nail your social media resolutions of 2014.

1. Social Media Jobs

According to Business Insider, there are six social media jobs that are going to explode in 2014: SEO Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Online Community Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, and Blogger or Social Media Copywriter.

Know anything about SEO and social media? If not, you may want to add "hiring an SEO specialist" to your resolution list. But before you do make sure to see whether Fotofire Ltd can help. This is the kind of work we do everyday, so chances are we can sort out your problems quickly- and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new member of staff.

2. Beyond Facebook

Forbes outlined seven social media trends it predicts will dominate 2014. Interestingly MySpace will make a comeback, Google+ will "become a major factor" and there will be more and more micro-video.

Since MySpace 2.0 is still in its infancy, I wouldn't suggest building a social strategy for your brand on the platform just yet. Wait and see how other brands start using MySpace before jumping in.

As the article states, Google+ is proving to be an integral part of Google's grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals, and providing a more personalised search experience. If you don't have a Google+ account, this should be the year you try it out.

If you haven't mastered Vine or Instagram video, now is the time to get comfortable. If the prediction is correct, making compelling short videos will be as important as writing in 140 characters. The earlier you can master this trend, the better.

3. Small Moments, Big Trends

PR Daily took a look at 10 social media moments in 2013 that it believes are precursors to major trends in 2014. What do these moments mean for your social media resolutions this year?

Oreo's successful live tweet during the Super Bowl was a moment that social media experts couldn’t get enough of. PR Daily predicts that, similarly to the way brands pay for product placement, companies will make deals with networks to learn a TV show's storyline so their content is more timely and relevant. Watch this space.

PR Daily predicts that Facebook's introduction of hashtags signals that brands will be incorporating hashtags into their TV, print, and radio advertising spots more frequently to strengthen their social campaigns. This will also strengthen your company’s brand consistency- something that is extremely important for social recognition. If you're not fluent in the language of the #, make that one of your top goals for 2014.

Pinterest recently got a makeover and introduced features like Place Pins, analytics, and Rich Pins, strengthening its ROI for brands. Not on Pinterest? Make a point to check out the new treats on offer.

As you're mapping out your priorities for the year, remember your #1 resolution for your brand’s social media strategy: Keep it genuine, valuable, and engaging.

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