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After the chaos of the biggest online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, I have compiled a list of must-do’s for anyone thinking about starting an e-commerce website. Here you’ll find some great tips mixing psychology and design on how to grab the attention of your potential online customers.

Call to Action

A call to action should stand out from your website design. The bigger and brighter it is, the more focus it will draw. Calls to action still need to be workable within your design however. Think about the shape of your design. Many websites opt for arrow shaped calls to action, because they give people a sense of direction and forward movement. It is also important to keep your calls to action short and simple. People don’t like reading buttons; they just want to know where it leads.

Assurance and Safety

People crave assurance. People have to feel safe on your website otherwise they won’t spend their money there. Be sure to give your customers as much assurance as possible. This can be achieved with ‘safety signs’. Use signs that tell your customers that your site is free from malware and is ‘hacker proof’. People want visible information that the page they’re on is safe, so play around with images of padlocks and other similar icons.


People want to know as soon as possible if you're offering the payment method they want to use. So it's best to show the credit card logos of the companies you support.

Checking Out

A progress bar gives people insight in how far along the process of checking out they are, and also adds the effect of gamification. This gamification effect means people will want to get to the next step as fast as possible.

Your Products

It has to be very clear that the product people have added to their shopping basket is actually the product they want. Showing pictures of your product is the easiest way to do this. Good quality images work best.

Social Proof

There's nothing more useful for influencing people than other people telling them your product is great. Social proof works because people will get more confidence in a product if they, for example, read good reviews from other people. The manufacturer of a product is always going to say their product is worth buying. Having other people talk about it makes it more objective, and thus more trustworthy.


If positive, these can have a strong impact on people. Always be sure to use as much information of the person giving the testimonial as possible. Adding pictures has been found to increase trust, and a picture of a face always draws more attention.

Persuasive Numbers

Telling people how many went before them in buying your products persuades people to also buy your products, especially if it's a high number. This is down to peer pressure. Peer pressure means people are afraid of being ‘left behind’ if a lot of other people have already done something.

Show Some Authority

Telling people which important people or businesses have used your products is a great way of persuading people. This is all because of the Halo effect, which means people's impressions of you can be influenced by their overall impression of you. So make that overall impression more positive by naming those names working with you.

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