Digital marketing trends to include in your 2018 strategy.


As we near the end of 2017, we find ourselves looking ahead and wondering what the next big trends for digital marketing will be, and what we should look to include in our digital planning. Read on to find out the newest trends that you should consider integrating into your digital strategy.


A micro-moment is an intent rich moment, during which people habitually turn to a device, to learn, know, go, do or buy. These are moments that hold objective, urge decision, and shape preferences. Having access to devices such as smartphones has trained us to expect brands to be ready and waiting with exactly what we are searching for, whenever we are searching for it. According to research completed, there are more devices in the world than people, and smartphones are being checked more than 100 times a day. Strategy can enable companies to understand their customer’s behaviour in these micro moments where devices are being checked, allowing them to reach out to them when they require them most. Correctly anticipating these tiny touch points and their exact micro-moment needs can ensure the right information is provided to a potential customer in need, opening the gateway to a new customer relationship.

Video Marketing.

Video was predicted to be huge in 2017, and it was. With more than 500 million people viewing videos on Facebook everyday, the trend is not set to slow as we move into 2018 and onwards. Cisco support this belief, and believe that by 2020, videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic - whoa. Video allows marketers to go one step further by creating encapsulating and intriguing content that can tell a story, as well as describe a product or service. Research has shown that 90% of users find that videos are helpful when deciding on a purchase, so why not utilise this powerful tool? Still not convinced? Hubspot has reported that around 48% of marketers plan to add video to their marketing strategies in the next year, don’t miss out.


Personalisation actually appeared a lot in the 2017 predictions, but it’s getting an upgrade! Due to the sheer amount of advertising commandeering our digital experiences each day, people are sick of it. People are more likely to engage with relevant and sophisticated advertising, so marketers need to make more of an effort to stand out and be noticed. But fear not, with the sheer amounts of information that can be accessed via big data, personalisation can now be created on a mass scale. The overall point is to collect as much information as you can to create customised marketing strategies that are more effective at reaching, and penetrating an audience.


You may have come across these bots recently as they start to pop up everywhere including Facebook. They can help deliver the mundane, but necessary information, allowing the human customer services agents to focus on the more complex queries while adding more value. An instant response is fast becoming a consumer expectation, so 2018 is said to be the year that Chatbots move into more industries with more complex transactions. A study did supplement this and shows that 70% of consumers did indeed prefer to talk to a Chatbot rather than use an app.

Final thoughts.

It looks like next year will be all about your customer, and ensuring they have what they need, when they need it. Engagement has always been key, but with new sophisticated digital technologies to consider, this is becoming possible for a wide range of industries to incorporate into their marketing plans.

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