Advice for aspiring designers

Advice For Aspiring Designers.

If I was given the chance to go back in time to when I started out as a Junior Designer at Fotofire, I would give the following advice and hopefully it will help other aspiring junior designers.

Ask questions.

At the beginning, I was very shy and afraid to ask what I thought would be a stupid question – but I have since learnt that the more questions you ask, the clearer the brief becomes, and the time spent on the task is much less.

Understanding the clients needs.

The main difference I found between University work and the working environment was that you’re designing for clients and not for yourself. In University, I acted as the designer and client, creating designs how I wanted them to look. Whereas in the working world, it’s very different… You have to fully understand the look and feel that the client is looking for.

You can never stop learning!

Always be curious, learn new skills, and keep up to date with the latest design trends. This will keep your design skills fresh and will keep you on your toes. Online tutorials such as offer a wide range of Adobe Creative Suite tutorials, that is great for beginners but they also offer difficult more challenging tutorials. What’s great about is that you can get a 10day free trial to see if it’s something worth investing in! I also read Computer Arts magazine, as it offers great design advice and inspiration and brings you up to date with the latest trends.

Welcome other people’s opinions.

You need to be able to take others opinions about your work in order to succeed and to develop as a designer. Always go through your design work with the team, and ask for feedback. Any feedback is a good thing and will improve your work.

Happy to help!

Whatever task you get, it’s good to have a positive attitude. At the start, you may be tasked with jobs that don’t personally interest you, but stay positive, and put as much enthusiasm and effort in as you can, this shows a willingness to work and be part of the team.

Check…and check again!

Before anything is finalised, whether it be for print or web, it’s a must to review your work again and again. Get team members to take a look, a fresh set of eyes are always good, and sometimes they pick up on things that you haven’t. If you have the luxury of a content specialist, make sure they check for spelling and grammar before you hit the ‘send’ button.

Throw yourself in to the deep end.

Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone! Designing for projects and sectors that you’ve never attempted before can be a daunting thought, but it’s a great way to test yourself, pick up new skills to use in the future and even find hidden talents or interests!

Make the brews!

When I first started I was a little nervous to do my first round of brews, but everyone likes a good cuppa, so you’ll be in everyone’s good books if you do a round every now and again!

I hope the above advice will be useful for you if you’re starting out in the design world, or thinking of pursuing a career in design. Remember that having the hunger to improve your skills will make you stand out. I have now fully settled at Fotofire and enjoying learning new design skills everyday!