A new website for Pero Trade

We’ve got a number of projects going live in the next few weeks. Here is just one we’ve been working on recently – a brand new website for Pero Trade Natural Dog Food!

Pero Trade are an award winning pet food manufacturer founded in 1985 by a Farmer and his Dog, specialising in high quality natural pet food. They approached us having reached a point where they wanted to widen the appeal of their brand, range and natural recipies. As such, they needed a Brand Atmosphere that gave everyone at Pero Trade something to align themselves with and champion, with a view to repositioning the brand as a major industry contender.

The previous Pero site was a simple affair, one that hardly represented the personality and vibrance of the Pero Trade brand as it stands now. As such, accurately representing the brand in its current form was essential in our site design.

A website redesign was but one part of this new direction, and as such, we were tasked with helping Pero Trade build on its existing image, designing and developing a website that showcased it’s unique range of natural recipes and unique products. It was important to reflect this in the design by creating a space to promote each individual product that catered specifically to the pet and their unique needs.

One of the key areas where improvement was needed on the Pero website, was on the mobile experience. We wireframed and iterated over a period of time, whilst looking at both proven and cutting edge solutions to improve the UX and conversions for mobile users. Mobile usage is now right up there with desktop usage, and conversions aren’t far behind.

The main challenges with the site were to improve conversions and to minimise bounce rates, all to get the best from Adwords and organic visitors. We optimised the landing pages, mostly products or categories, made them load quickly, and offered clear information and select options in order to very quickly put users at ease.

The result was a cleaner, fully responsive website that provides a more relevant brand aesthetic. The website boasts a feature rich WordPress back-end that allows the Pero team to customise the pages of the site and update the content and products easily and accessibly.

We honestly feel that the new Pero site offers a more authentic experience. Making the most of their written content and photography, we have crafted a user experience with the same care and attention that goes into every product that Pero Trade offer.

Why not take a look at the website.