A baptism of fire.

A New Look.

Today we are delighted to launch our new brand identity and website! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the last few months to bring our image up-to-date, and we’re so happy with the results!

Senior Designer Oli Morgan headed up the branding process –

“We felt that our image needed a bit of a refresh… So we decided to practice what we preach and become the client! The aim was to give Fotofire a cleaner and more modern look, to fit in with the work that we’re turning out.”

The first step was to redesign a brand that had been established for over 15 years.

The branding process started by sketching out countless fonts and flames. Once a clear idea was defined we went from paper to screen. When the font was digitised, it went though several processes before the final version was achieved.

Like most of our clients that go through a rebrand, we wanted something from our previous branding to remain. We chose elements from the flame, we downscaled, simplified and rotated until we had something that matched the new font hand in hand.

“We’re so proud with the outcome of the new Fotofire branding, we really feel that it aligns with our direction of growth.

I was slightly hesitant to move away from a brand that had defined us for more than 15 years however it was time to Evolve!

We’re excited about the continued growth of Fotofire and look forward to the time ahead”

Managing Director – Phil Jackson