8 Steps to Creating Product Pages That Convert

If you're an online retailer, you'll know how important product pages are for your business. They provide you with that crucial make or break moment – where your visitor either becomes a customer or clicks away to continue their search.

If your customer has made it to the product page, then they are clearly interested in your item. You don't want what's on that product page to cause them to lose interest, driving them away to a competitor. And yet, whilst all online retailers recognise the need to create strong product pages, it's surprising how many bad ones there are.

So what makes a great product page? We've identified 8 key elements that will give your product pages the edge over your competitors:

  • Powerful product descriptions – Any retailer will be extremely passionate about the products they sell, and the value they bring to their customers. Your product description is the place to get this passion across. Avoid duplicate content – Google hates it anyway – and use this description as an opportunity to separate your company from the competitors. The best product descriptions are those which fit in with the brand identity, that are written with the customer in mind, and which work hard to help your customer make an informed decision on their purchase.
  • Clear calls to action – If your customer has come this far, you don't want to risk confusing them by not making your 'Add To Cart' or 'Proceed To Checkout' buttons stand out. Things like that lead to abandoned carts, which surely you don't want! So make these call to action buttons as clear and visible as possible (nice, bright colours can help here too).
  • Add some reviews – We like reading other people's reviews on products – seeing glowing reports on a product from people who've previously used the item makes us feel a lot more confident when making a purchase. User reviews are proven sales drivers, so if you haven't already, add a review feature to your website to give your product pages an additional element that can really improve your conversion rates.
  • Picture perfect – Great product photos are a big help to those buying online. They help to boost confidence and give the browser the chance to see what it is they are buying in more detail. Investing in professional photography gives you the chance to show your products at their very best, making them look much more appealing and desirable to potential buyers.
  • Delivery info – No-one wants a nasty shock at the checkouts, such as you suddenly revealing your hidden delivery charges! So make sure these are as open and visible as possible to avoid abandoned shopping carts.
  • Benefits, not features – Long, long lists of technical features can be boring, so keep them to a minimum. They are useful, yes, but if you really want to sell that product to a browser, use your product description to tell them how your product will benefit their lives (far more interesting).
  • Provide options – If your customer has decided they're not interested in the item they're viewing, a product page without links to any related items will be a dead end. Give your customers somewhere else to go by showing suggested items (it's a good opportunity to cross-sell too!).
  • Keep it simple – Overly designed pages can look fussy and can be slow-loading, which is a big conversion killer! Go for a simple design and let your product stand out.

As an online retailer, your aim will be to convert as many browsers to customers as possible. And crafting great product pages is one way you can do this. By experimenting with these eight tips, we're hope that you'll notice a boost to your conversion rates – mission accomplished!

Have you got any tips of your own to add to ours? Let us know!

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