5 Simple Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rates

Despite all our best intentions, we do sometimes 'judge the book by its cover' – its human nature.

If we're talking about a website, I suppose you could consider your homepage to be your book cover. If your homepage is the cover, then your company and products are the story inside. Having a cover that is eye-catching, clear and easy to read goes a long way towards getting your customer to pick up the book and read what you have to say.

Having a well-designed homepage, or cover, can make the difference between gaining a customer, or having them click the 'close' button.

How can design help my business?

We believe that great web design is very influential when it comes to converting casual browsers into loyal customers. We're not just talking about making things look pretty either (although no-one wants an ugly website!); a well-designed website is as easy to use and navigate as it is to look at.

As a business, your website should have a goal in mind for your customers – whether that is a contact form, a purchase, or a download. A well-designed site will get your customers from the homepage to this goal via a clear visitor path.

What should you consider when designing your website?

Let's stick with the book analogy a little longer; if you were writing a book you wouldn't just jump straight in and start your story if you didn't know how it ended. Designing your website is the same; before you start you need to know what your site's aim is, and who you're trying to reach. So always sit down first and get your marketing strategy together before going straight to the fun part.

Key features of a well-designed website

  • Easy navigation – Your visitors shouldn't have to spend time hunting for buttons or search bars, so make sure they're displayed clearly.
  • Clearly visible contact info – Sometimes, browsers will only be looking for a certain bit of information (your address or opening hours for instance) so make sure these are easy for your customers to find – no-one wants to spend five minutes looking for a phone number!
  • Eye-catching but not overdone – Images and animated graphics are fun, but don't include too many. They might look great to you, but if your customer gets confused or distracted by them, they will leave. Your design should complement your business, not take over from it.
  • Customer-focused – Your marketing strategy should have given you a good idea of who your customers are and what they want, so make sure your website is suited for them. Leave your own personal tastes at the door.
  • Not over-complicated – If you require your customer to fill in any forms, or register with you before making a purchase, make sure the process is as quick and painless as possible!

So your web design should enable your customer to get from A to B quickly and smoothly – you don't want to distract them and make them forget why they clicked on your site in the first place!

The best design is that which strikes the perfect balance between looking good and being built to convert. We have over twelve years of experience in designing websites, so we have quite a bit of experience when it comes to getting the balance right! If you'd like some help when it comes to getting your web design spot on, then give us a call today on 01978 262819 to arrange a meeting at our Wrexham office.

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