I remember opening my first email account and thinking how much fun it was to send a message to a friend. I felt like I was starring in some cool, futuristic, Matrix-esque movie. Today, email is the dominant form of business communication, exceeding telephone traffic by miles, but do you know how to use it properly? When it comes to email, everyone knows how to press ‘send’, it’s composing the content in the first place where people often fall down. It is amazing to find that ...

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In the quest to help people optimise their tweets, Twitter has introduced a free to use ‘Activity Dashboard’. Similarly to Facebook’s ‘Insights’, the dashboard will give users in-depth knowledge regarding their tweets and followers. The new dashboard offers a range of great features: Shows how many views your tweets have received over the past 4 weeks Ability to track how many retweets, replies, favourites and clicks you have received Comprehensive analytics f...

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There really is no better way to understand how much of an impact being on the first page of Google can have on your business than a good PPC (Pay per click) campaign. Pay per click instantly puts you on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, and gives you a taste of what it would be like to be there all the time. Here are 5 reasons why you should create and manage a paid search campaign for your business: 1) Speed-to-market –PPC ads can be launched quickly, bringing in targe...

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The ability to capture well composed, high quality imagery is easier to achieve than you might think. Whether using a camera phone, digital SLR, compact cam or Box Brownie, check out our top tips on how to effectively optimise your snaps...   Learn your camera’s features Smartphone cameras are incredibly powerful these days. And software developers are making image-editing apps by the bucket load. Combine the two and you have the perfect recipe for some beautiful, creative snaps. B...

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It’s no secret that a lot of us are publishing a lot about ourselves online. The Web is a deep mine of personal data and you need to be careful about what you share online for your own privacy. When it comes to employment, all hiring managers have to do is a quick Google search of your name to find out whether or not they think you’re up for the job. So, do you really want them stumbling across those Facebook holiday snaps of you and the lads on the Magaluf strip? Over the weekend I...

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Last week Andy Kaye, our Account Manager, took part in a golfing event organised by M&S Bank. Held at Formby Hall Golf Resort, Southport, it was the Bank’s second annual golfing event. All proceeds for the event get donated to The Youth Federation, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of young people across the North West through various groups, programs and schemes. About 100 business owners and managers from across the North West attended to show support. After a brief welcom...

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Check out our list of top football apps to get you ready for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.   Official FIFA App Claimed to be the ultimate companion for Brazil 2014, this free iOS and Android app has everything. The app features an up-to-date news section, information on all 64 games and players across all 32 teams. The app will also offer ‘minute by minute’ live updates. Unfortunately there have been a lot of negative reviews regarding the app’s propensity to...

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Eugene Goostman is a computer, not a person. But this weekend the Russian and Ukrainian built AI fooled more than 30 percent of its human judges into thinking the opposite. At an event held by the University of Reading at the famed Royal Society of London, Eugene became the first artificial intelligence program to officially pass the Turing Test. Eugene was one of five supercomputers tacking on the challenge at this event, held precisely 60 years after Alan Turing's death on June...

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This week a number of websites for Internet services, businesses and several nonprofits will participate in an online anti-NSA protest. ‘Reset the Net’ is specifically aimed at encouraging website owners and app developers to integrate better security protections into their services, like SSL or HSTS. The goal of the campaign is to make it more difficult for government agencies like the NSA to engage in spying activities. To participate in the campaign, web and mobile developers ca...

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Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just been introduced to a potential client and he asks what it is your company does. In a panic, you blurt out a skittish rant filled with jargon and soon realise you’ve lost both his interest and attention... Oh dear. This is the kind of situation where it really helps to have an elevator pitch (a short, pre-prepared speech) that explains clearly and succinctly what your organisation does. If only you’d been more prepared! Fear not, read on ...

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